Ne-Hi release sophomore album, Offers: Stream/Download

Chicago garage rockers make their Grand Jury debut

Ne-Hi have today released their sophomore album, Offers, via Grand Jury. Spotify and Apple Music users can stream the entire thing below, and you can purchase a copy of your very own here.

Offers serves as the follow-up to the CoSigned Chicago garage rockers’ 2014 self-titled debut. The band signed to their first label for the new release, which gave them a support system for the first time. That allowed them the space to toss out nearly everything from their first recording sessions for Offers and take a second crack at things.

“With the first record the writing process and the recording process was stream-of-consciousness in a way,” Ne-Hi’s James Weird told Noisey. “We had been working on those songs for a year but the recording process was so short it was like, ‘What you have is the final product.’ We’re super proud of that record but I dunno, this one just felt like it was nice having the backing of a label and people that believed in our songwriting ability. That allowed us to come back and revise some stuff to the point where we dropped a lot of our first takes.”

Offers was previewed with the singles “Stay Young”“Buried on the Moon”, and “Sisters”. Ne-Hi will be supporting the release on a massive US tour, the dates of which can be found here.

Offers Tracklist:
01. Palm of Hand
02. Sisters
03. Don’t Wanna Know You
04. Offers
05. Prove
06. Out of Reach
07. Everybody Warned You
08. Drag
09. Every Dent
10. Buried on the Moon
11. Stay Young


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