Passion Pit release “You Have the Right”, the band’s sixth new song in just a week — listen

The band also shares what looks like cover art for a new release entitled, Tremendous Sea of Love

Photo by Philip Cosores

The release of five new Passion Pit songs over the past week has fueled anticipation for a new album from the indie-pop group. Well, if the trend keeps up, we’re gonna have an album’s worth of new material by next week. The band just dropped its sixth new song, “You Have the Right”, which joins “Inner Dialogue”“Somewhere Up There”“I’m Perfect”, “Moonbeam”, and “Hey K”.

“You Have the Right” is the most spare and wistful of these tracks, with light strums, glammy synths, and a gentle beat underscoring Angelakos’ bright, aching vocals. Listen below.

Like the previous songs, “You Have the Right” is released in conjunction with the launch of frontman Michael Angelakos’ new artist advocacy company, The Wishart Group. The project is dedicated to supporting musicians by providing them with legal, educational and healthcare services, with a focus on mental health, a topic on which Angelakos has been especially forthcoming.

On Twitter, Passion Pit has also shared what looks like cover art for a new album called Tremendous Sea of Love. 

If this does turn out to be a proper release, it will be their first since 2015’s Kindred, though Angelakos also released a solo holiday in December called Merry Christmas, Mr. Fields.


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