Speedy Ortiz is back with no frills rocker “In My Way” — listen

Massachusetts band makes latest contribution to Our First 100 Days compilation

After participating in an anti-inaugural concert and Bandcamp’s #NoBanNoWall campaign, it’s clear Speedy Ortiz frontwoman Sadie Dupuis stands in vigorous opposition to Donald Trump. Her latest contribution to the cause is a new track with Speedy Ortiz, “In My Way.”

It’s the newest entry to the Our First 100 Days benefit compilation and a no frills rocker which shows the indie band hasn’t missed a beat, even after Dupuis stepped out to explore different sounds as Sad13. The satisfying “In My Way” finds her melodic vocals floating atop crunchy, fuzzy guitars. Listen to it below.

Speedy Ortiz’s latest release was the 2016 Foiled Again EP. You can check out our review of Dupuis’ solo debut, Slugger, here.



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