Ted Leo announces first solo album in seven years, launches Kickstarter campaign

"Mercifully free of label tethers, I'm taking the plunge and going directly to you," says Leo

Ted Leo Promo

It’s been seven years since Ted Leo released an album under his own/with his band The Pharmacists. After collaborating with Aimee Mann as The Both, he’s finally set to follow up 2010’s The Brutalist Bricks. In fact, the singer-songwriter says he has material for “more than just one new album,” but he’s focusing on getting the first one out with a newly launched Kickstarter.

Leo turned to the fundraising website to free himself from the tethers of a label. “But I need help to complete the project and set the stage for being able to get more stuff out in a more timely fashion, or on the fly, as needs may be,” he said on Twitter. “And so, I’m taking the plunge and just going directly to all of you.”

Leo is seeking to raise $85,000 for the production of the new album, which is aiming for a September release. The as-yet-untitled effort features a number of guests, including The Pharmacists drummer Chris Wilson, Brooklyn rapper Jean Grae, saxophonist Adrienne Berry, Jonathan Coulton, and Mann. Leo provided a five-minute sampler of the new material, which you can listen to below.

However, there’s a fair chance some of the funds could go towards future endeavors including touring, more records, and possibly even a live album he recorded for the 10th anniversary of his Shake the Sheets LP three years ago at Washington, DC’s Black Cat. “We’ll see how this thing goes, and maybe we can do something with it!” Leo responded to a Tweet asking about the live record. “It’s never left my mind.”

As of this writing, the Kickstarter has already raised over $51,000 and there are still 29 days to go. Some incentives being offered include a mixtape of demos from throughout Leo’s career, a 7-inch singles club version of the new album featuring non-LP B-sides, a vegan meal with Leo, personalized songs, and a private solo concert. Head to the official Kickstarter page to contribute, and watch a video explanation of the fundraising campaign below.


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