White Reaper prove they’re “The World’s Best American Band” on knockout new song — listen

A second preview of the Kentucky outfit's upcoming LP of the same name

Photo by Jesse DeFlorio

This spring, White Reaper will return with an album called The World’s Best American Band. The garage punks made a good case for such a self-proclamation on previous single “Judy French”, but their new title track may have just 110% sealed the deal — it’s time to hand out the trophies.

Ushered in by a jubilant round of applause, it’s a cut that succeeds in its lofty arena-ready aspirations. There are handclaps, bouncy and rubberized bass, and guitar riffs that slice and zigzag at all the best moments. This’ll be a knockout song to see live, so here’s hoping the CoSigned Kentuckians expand their upcoming tour schedule. Stream it down below.

The World’s Best American Band, the follow-up to 2015’s stellar White Reaper Does It Again, arrives on April 7th via Polyvinyl.

The World’s Best American Band Tracklist:
01. The World’s Best American Band
02. Judy French
03. Eagle Beach
04. Little Silver Cross
05. The Stack
06. Party Next Door
07. Crystal Pistol
08. Tell Me
09. Daisies
10. Another Day


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