Adele admits to having a secret Twitter account for drunk tweeting, cursing

Access to her official account was revoked because of her previous antics

Back in 2015, Adele revealed that her management had stripped her of all official Twitter account access, fearing she’d go on a drunk tweeting rampage. The pop star, known for her illustrious voice as well as her penchant for untimely f-bombs, could only publish a tweet after going “through, like, two people, and it has to be signed off by someone,'” she said at the time.

Fast forward some two years and it appears Adele is back on the social networking platform — only this time, she’s doing it undercover. As Mashable point out, during a recent concert in Australia, the UK singer admitted to having a secret Twitter account. Gasp.

“I was looking on Twitter last night,” she said. “They don’t know I have a secret account. Well obviously they do now because I said that. By ‘they’ I mean my management.”

She went on, adding, “I’m not allowed access to my own Twitter because I’m quite mouthy and I say the wrong thing a lot of the time. So they took that privilege away from me.”

In February, the Beyhive went wild over rumors of a supposed “secret” Beyoncé Snapchat. It’s now time for Adele’s fans to frantically scour every corner of the internet in hopes of finding this covert Twitter account. Let the games begin.


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