All systems go: Lorde to release new single “Green Light” on Thursday, hear a snippet

"it's complex and funny and sad and joyous and it'll make you DANCE"

Photo by Ben Kaye

It’s official: Lorde will premiere her single, “Green Light”, and video tomorrow (March 2nd) at 1 p.m. CT. The New Zealand pop songwriter made the announcement this afternoon via a series of tweets.

“i am so proud of this song. it’s very different, and kinda unexpected. it’s complex and funny and sad and joyous and it’ll make you DANCE,” she wrote on Twitter of the forthcoming single. “it’s the first chapter of a story i’m gonna tell you, the story of the last 2 wild, fluorescent years of my life. this is where we begin.”

Previously, Lorde had described her follow-up to 2013’s Pure Heroine as a more mature effort. “Since 13 I’ve spent my life building this giant teenage museum, mausoleum maybe, dutifully wolfishly writing every moment down, and repeating it all back like folklore,” she wrote. “And now there isn’t any more of it.”

“There’s different stuff. Stuff that’s just as good, maybe better, just in a different way. If I’m being real with myself, in some ways I stopped feeling like a teenager a while ago.” Still, she promised that, like on Pure Heroine, honesty would play a significant role on the upcoming LP. “I maxed out every single emotion I have in the best possible way, the colours still aching behind my eyes like this weird blissful hangover.”

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Prior to today’s announcement, Lorde teased the single via a series of cryptic visuals posted to, including one that appears to be a preview of the official video. Last night, she offered a further sneak peek to fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Upon arriving at three separate locations, fans were treated to strobing green lights and snippets of what’s believed to be the new song. Below, check out some photos and clips from the Auckland events.


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