Aquaman to open on Christmas 2018 against animated Spider-Man movie

The first time DC and Marvel go head-to-head on the silver screen

In case you haven’t heard, DC Comics’ attempt to get into the Marvel Cinematic Universe business hasn’t exactly gotten off to a strong start. Its first two installments, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, received lukewarm reviews (and that’s putting it kindly). The studio continues to be besieged with rumors of infighting and creative disagreements. Not one, but two filmmakers have already exited the upcoming Flash standalone, pushing that film back to 2019 (as of now). Then there’s the barrage of rumors about The Batman, with Ben Affleck stepping down as director and Matt Reeves coming aboard, to say nothing of all that talk about the film’s screenplay.

Now, Warner Bros. has announced that Aquaman, James Wan’s upcoming origin story about Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) ascending to the throne of Atlantis, has been delayed again after its initial pushback from July to October 2018, and will now be released on December 21st of next year.

The new date sees Aquaman going head-to-head with the animated Spider-Man movie featuring Miles Morales, marking the first time DC and Marvel properties have opened the same weekend. Both of those films have slipped into the weekend that James Cameron’s second Avatar movie was looking to conquer before being delayed again.

The delay also gives Warner Bros. a bit more time to see how audiences respond to this November’s Justice League, and Aquaman’s first appearance in the DCEU within it. Unless you count this shoehorned gem (which we don’t):


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