BadBadNotGood and Mike D join forces to cover Galt MacDermot’s “Coffee Cold” — watch

Preview the Canadian group's appearance on Beastie Boys member's Beats 1 Radio show

BadBadNotGood are slated to guest on Beastie Boys member Mike D’s bi-weekly Beats 1 Radio show this weekend. To preview the appearance, video clips have been released of the band’s live set and their sit-down interview on the program.

The first performance finds BadBadNotGood teaming up with Mike D behind the drums to cover Galt MacDermot’s “Coffee Cold”, followed by a live rendition of the band’s Kaytranada collaboration, “Lavender”. The latter track has drawn attention after Snoop Dogg gave it the remix treatment and released a video showing him aiming a gun at a clown representing Donald Trump.

As for the interview, it shows the band nerding out with Mike D about collecting records. Check out all the clips below.


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