David Lynch and Kyle MacLachlan contribute to new short film A New Sunrise Over Sunset — watch

A dreamlike visual celebrating the opening of LA hotel The James West Hollywood - Sunset

The Twin Peaks revival, complete with its 18 brand new episodes, will premiere on Showtime on May 21st. Prior to the big date, however, the series’ creator David Lynch and TV star Kyle MacLachlan have linked up to contribute to a new short film titled A New Sunrise Over Sunset.

Directed by fashion photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis, the nearly six-minute visual offers “a first look inside The James West Hollywood – Sunset,” a new Los Angeles-area hotel, and was made in conjunction with the David Lynch Foundation and Dazed Media. As Pitchfork points out, the dreamlike film is divided into three sections — “Connection”, “Consciousness”, and “Community” — and features narration from both Lynch and MacLachlan. Lynch also pops up briefly on a TV screen in one of the hotel’s rooms.

Musicians James Faunterloy and Nia Andrews make cameos throughout, as does Cali DeWitt, the famed artist-photographer-designer behind Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo merchandise.

Watch it up above.


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