DJ Shadow, Johnny Jewel, Tricky, and more contribute to Ghost in the Shell soundtrack

Hear Tricky's contribution, a pulsating track called "Escape"

Ghost in the Shell, Paramount’s live-action adaptation of the classic Japanese manga, is ripe with controversy over its casting of Scarlett Johansson in the lead role. One thing we can all agree on, however, is the film’s soundtrack, which boasts original contributions from DJ Shadow and Nils Fraham, ChromaticsJohnny Jewel, Tricky, Gary Numan, and more.

Below, you can hear Tricky’s contribution, a pulsating track called “Escape”. You can stream Jewel’s two tracks, “The Hacker” and “The Key”, here.

Both the film and the soundtrack are set to arrive March 31st.

Ghost in the Shell Soundtrack Artwork:

Ghost in the Shell Soundtrack Tracklist:
01. Kenji Kawai– “Utai IV Reawakening” (Steve Aoki remix)
02. Johnny Jewel – “The Hacker”
03. Boys Noize – “Cathryn’s Peak”
04. DJ Shadow feat. Nils Frahm – “Scars”
05. Above & Beyond – “Surge”
06. IO Echo – “Aokigahara Forest” (Album Only)
07. Tricky – “Escape”
08. Ki: Theory – “Enjoy The Silence” (Album Only)
09. Johnny Jewel – “Free Fall”
10. Gary Numan – “Bed Of Thorns”
11. Johnny Jewel – “The Key”
12. Kenji Kawai– “Utai IV Reawakening”

Watch the latest Ghost in the Shell trailer:


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