Drake canceled his show in Amsterdam because he reportedly ate “bad sushi”

It's the third time he's canceled a show in the Netherlands

Drake was forced to cancel his show in Amsterdam last night, and reports indicate it was because he had a terrible bout of food poisoning caused by some bad sushi.

TMZ reports that the Toronto rapper-singer became severely ill prior to the concert’s scheduled start time. As medical personnel treated him backstage, representatives for Drake announced the show’s cancellation. This “seriously pissed off the entire arena full of fans, who’d already been waiting in their seats for 75 minutes when they got the bad news,” TMZ adds. While it’s perfectly understandable that they’d be disappointed, it’s hard to imagine that the Dutch — who are generally known to be pretty pleasant and uh, chill — would have wanted him to take the stage in that condition.

Fortunately, food poisoning usually runs its course after a grueling 24 hours. Drake’s scheduled to perform again tomorrow evening, and Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome will honor the tickets for those fans who were left waiting and unfulfilled. It’s the third time Drake has canceled a show in Amsterdam, though the others were reportedly caused by production setbacks. Hopefully, he will be able to complete the rest of his tour in good health.

Watch fans’ reaction when they were told the concert was canceled:


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