Father John Misty turned down an audition for the second season of Stranger Things

"I don't want to be TV famous"

Photo by Amy Price

Pure Comedy, J. Tillman’s third album as Father John Misty, is out April 7th and the former Fleet Foxes drummer has been making the usual media rounds to promote the release. After making a splash on Saturday Night Live by debuting a song called “Total Entertainment Forever”, in which he fantasizes about VR sex with Taylor Swift, Tillman has revealed an interesting tidbit during an interview with Rolling Stone.

According to Tillman, he had the opportunity to audition for the second season of the acclaimed Netflix show Stranger Things, but turned it down because “I didn’t want that level of exposure. I don’t want to be TV famous.”

The topic came up during a discussion about FJM’s desire to remain on the indie label, Sub Pop, and the “Jedi mind trick” major labels use to tempt artists to “go to the next level.” He explained that he’s seen “smart, principled people” try to make the jump without success and so, he turns down opportunities like Stranger Things.

Head on over to Rolling Stone to read the entire interview and learn about FJM’s infamous LSD use, the Taylor Swift line, his opinions about Donald Trump, and of course, the new album.


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