First teaser for Deadpool 2 debuts prior to screenings of Logan — watch

New director David Leitch offers a glimpse at the forthcoming superhero sequel

Marvel surprised fans this weekend by inserting a preview of Deadpool 2 prior to screenings of Logan. Now available via Ryan Reynolds’ YouTube page, the nearly four-minute teaser film assuages worries about a change in tone for the franchise after original director Tim Miller quit over creative differences. You can watch it above.

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As confirmed by /Film, the new footage was shot by Deadpool 2 director David Leitch (John Wick). The trailer kicks off with a hoodie-clad Wade Wilson strolling down the street while listening to John Parr’s “St. Elmo’s Fire”. Soon enough, he spots an elderly man being robbed at gunpoint while clutching groceries.

After exclaiming “Not in my city!” Wilson rushes over to a conveniently placed phone booth while John William’s Superman theme plays. In true Deadpool fashion, he struggles to put on his leather suit before finally rushing out to save the day.

Unfortunately, Wilson is far too late. The mugger shot and killed the man during the costume change, and all that’s left is a corpse. All is not lost, however, because there’s Cherry Garcia ice cream to enjoy while pondering the existence of the phone booth in the first place.

Stan Lee also makes a cameo, complimenting Deadpool’s suit while the anti-hero belatedly rushes to make the save.

The teaser ends with the tag “Deadpool…coming..not soon enough,” along with Wilson admitting Logan probably would’ve saved the day because “what’s he got to change into?”

Deadpool 2 goes into production later this year. Logan is in cinemas now.



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