Florida man impersonates Nickelback drummer to obtain $25,000 worth of musical equipment

This 45-year-old must have really been at his wit's end

Nickelback drummer Daniel Adair far right

It’s hard to believe that anyone would want to be a member of a band that’s been banned from performing in the city of London, targeted by police for “crimes against music”, and used as a form of torture. But that’s exactly what one man named Lee Howard Koenig allegedly tried to do. The 45-year-old has been arrested for impersonating Nickelback drummer Daniel Adair in order to obtain thousands of dollars worth of musical equipment.

Koenig — who, go figure, hails from Florida — recently placed an order of $25,000 in microphones from a company in Austria under Adair’s name, after noticing that they both shared similar drum setups. He then had the equipment directed to an address in his home state.

As the TC Palm notes (via SPIN), a security specialist tipped police officials off to Koenig’s imposter ways on January 19th. He was formally arrested this past Tuesday (February 28th) on two felony fraud-related charges, but is currently out on a $18,750 bond.

Regardless of what’s at stake, one must have to sink pretty low if pretending to be someone in Nickelback is your gimmick. Then again, the rock star lifestyle (and all the flashy instrument swag that comes with it) might’ve been far too tempting for Koenig, whose day job seems to consist of performing under the comic pseudonym Mr. Wooky and working as a touring musician for Epic and Sony Records.

Keep on dreaming big, kids. At least you’ll have the affections of Father John Misty?



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