Hugh Jackman hops into Michael Mann’s Ferrari biopic

Noomi Rapace remains attached to the long-gestating project

Michael Mann works in mysterious ways. He’s one of the few scholars left in Hollywood, a filmmaker who dedicates years and years of rigorous studying to particular subjects before telling stories about them. For his forthcoming film, a biopic on Enzo Ferrari, he’s set aside over 15 years, which could range from everything to reading books to visiting factories to god knows what. That’s why it’s so unfortunate the film has hit so many snags — for instance, losing star Christian Bale to health concerns back in January 2016 — but now it appears the project’s finally ready to rev out of the garage.

According to Deadline, Logan hero Hugh Jackman has agreed to sit behind the wheel as the late founder, a role which will require less exercising and more hogging out. Even better, co-star Noomi Rapace remains on board, despite joining the project way, way back in 2015. The two will help Mann visualize Brock Yates’ book, Enzo Ferrari: The Man, the Cars, the Races, which takes place in the ’50s and follows the iconic car manufacturer’s quest for success and love. Somewhere in the two will undoubtedly share a love that was not meant to be, one of Mann’s surefire trademarks.

Don’t reach for the calendar yet. Shooting isn’t expected until summer of 2018, which likely means this baby won’t vroom vroom until 2019, a year which will see the end to the current Star Wars trilogy. And if that doesn’t make you feel like time is racing by before your eyes, then perhaps you should revisit this incredible ranking and dissection of Mann’s work that dates back to 1981 with Thief. See what I did there? Ha.

(P.S. How about that hunky Hugh photo above? You welcome.)


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