Irish garage punks Otherkin give some “Bad Advice” on new song — listen

From the band's forthcoming debut album

Photo by​ ​Gregory Nolan

We don’t always make the best decisions late at night. Our tired brains often give us thoughts that seem like epiphanies but turn out to be just poor choices in the light of day. Sometimes, however, if you’re hashing things out with the right person in just the right way, those exhausted resolutions can push you in just the right direction. That’s the story of “Bad Advice”, the latest single from Irish garage punks Otherkin.

Despite its title, “Bad Advice” certainly feels like a good time. It’s a hook-filled thrasher that blends the attitude of The Clash with the peppier pop-leaning moments of earlier The Libertines. Speeding guitars and the sincere screech of the vocals are oddly comforting as vocalist Luke Reilly sings, “You and I are okay/ I don’t want nobody/ Spitting out the story, yeah.”

“We wrote ‘Bad Advice’ in a matter of minutes,” Reilly tells Consequence of Sound. “It’s one of those songs that came together without any second thought and once we thrashed it out a few times we knew that we had a raw, simple belter in the spirit of the music we all grew up on. It deals with the push-and-pull impulses of a relationship that should lead to self-destruct but somehow lead to the opposite; a skewed take on a love song I suppose.”

Take a listen to the track below.


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