Julien Baker shares gorgeous piano version of “Good News” — listen

A truly stunning contribution to Our First 100 Days

Not every track released as part of the ongoing benefit compilation Our First 100 Days is necessarily targeting the current administration. Sometimes, they’re just damn good songs being presented for a good cause. Today’s entry from Julien Baker falls into the latter category, and it’s freakin’ gorgeous.

Instead of sharing a brand new song, Baker has reimagined “Good News” off her Sprained Ankle debut. The original take is a trembling guitar ballad about drug addiction that flows out of the singer-songwriter with an air of anxiety. On this new rendition, the guitar is replaced with a gently played piano, and Baker’s vocal delivery is much softer. Instead of the edgy energy of the album version, the track takes on an almost pitiful air, like someone in trouble begging for the care of a friend.

It’s unbelievably beautiful, and if you don’t believe me, just listen for yourself:


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