Kickstarter launched for Trumpy the Rat, a 15-foot inflatable rat that would reside outside Trump Tower

The crowdsourcing campaign is already halfway to meeting its goal

Recently, architects in Chicago proposed an intriguing way to prevent the city from having to see Donald Trump’s name plastered on a giant sky scrapper. Inspired by the cover to Pink Floyd’s Animals, four pig-shaped balloons would be tethered to buoys in the Chicago River, obscuring views of the tower and providing “visual relief to the citizens of Chicago.” A similar idea has been conceived in New York City, as a Kickstarter was recently launched to raise money for an inflatable rat that would appear outside Trump Tower.

As The AV Club points out, NYC art gallery Bravinlee Programs is seeking $10,000 for “Trumpy the Rat.” Standing 15 feet high, the rat would don Trump’s signature mop of hair as well as an ill-fitting suit. Inspired by similar inflatable rats used at union strikes, Trumpy would also be available to appear at protests and rallies.

With 24 days to go, the Kickstarter is already halfway to meeting its goal. For those who donate, incentives include an 8×10 unframed limited edition print of the Trumpy the Rat design and an invitation to a launch picnic scheduled for July in NYC. So, yeah, make it happen.


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