Laura Marling believes in the enduring power of love on new song “Nothing, Not Nearly” — listen

Another stunning preview of her forthcoming Semper Femina LP

Semper Femina is the upcoming sixth album from British songstress Laura Marling, expected to hit shelves on March 10th via her own More Alarming Records. Produced by Blake Mills, the Short Movie follow-up is being teased today with the closing track, “Nothing, Not Nearly”.

Another subtly breathtaking number — not unlike previous singles  “Wild Fire”“Soothing”, and “Next Time” — it’s an ode to love’s timelessness and endurance. “I won’t forget that late September where we danced among the midnight embers, but it’s going like a half remembered dream,” Marling recalls delicately over the bluesy reverb of an acoustic guitar. Her voice here has hints of nostalgia, but she ultimately seems more thankful to have even had the opportunity to make such a memory. “Nothing matters more than love — no, nothing.”

Stream it down below. Catch Marling perform “Nothing, Not Nearly” and other gorgeous numbers on her upcoming North American tour.

Semper Femina Tracklist:
01. Soothing
02. The Valley
03. Wild Fire
04. Don’t Pass Me By
05. Always This Way
06. Wild Once
07. Next Time
08. Nouel
09. Nothing Not Nearly


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