Mastodon are hunted down by a Grim Reaper in the hilarious new “Show Yourself” video — watch

In continued support of the metal outfit's upcoming Emperor of Sand album

Grim Reapers have it just as hard as the living. At least that’s case in Mastodon’s hilarious new music video for “Show Yourself”.

Directed by Robert Schober, it stars a Grim Reaper whose bosses at the Department of Death have been overloading him with way too much work. He spends his long, exhausting days killing human and after human — including ornery senior citizens who like to flip him the bird — and then has to come home to a disgruntled wife. No wonder whiskey straight out of the bottle is his drink of choice.

The latest assignment given to him involves the disposal of all the band members of Mastodon. As the grand prize is a brand new hearse (jackpot!), our weary Grim Reaper gets down to business immediately, and it’s an amusing sight. Comedian Brian Posehn also makes a cameo as a street vendor who doesn’t know his time is up. See it for yourself up above.

“Show Yourself” is from the band’s upcoming album, Emperor of Sand, due out March 31st via Reprise Records.


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