Nothing cast a mellow “Spell” with new single — listen

Philadelphia band contributes a lethargic single to the Our First 100 Days campaign

We’re in day 56 of the belabored new administration, and exhaustion has started to set in. Over the last few days alone we’ve had 45 claim quotation marks mean he wasn’t lying, another judiciary block of another Muslim travel ban, and the introduction of a budget proposal that kills funding for public broadcasting and the EPA in favor of inflating military spending that’s already greater than the next seven countries combined. It’s all extremely tiring, which makes today’s Our First 100 Days single from Nothing a fitting entry.

“Spell” forgoes the post-hardcore edge of much of Nothing’s Tired of Tomorrow, instead focusing on laid-back indie shoegaze vibes. It sounds as dazed as many of us feel, with singer Dominic Palermo cooing, “The world is in slow motion again/ Too late to be awake, I guess.” Take a listen below.


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