Patton Oswalt did standup using Mike Huckabee’s criminally bad Twitter jokes and it wasn’t pretty — watch

The politician's painfully unfunny wisecracks couldn't be saved even by a veteran comedian

Recently, former Arkansas Governor and failed presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has been using his Twitter account to crack political jokes. All of them are painfully unfunny, and in his attempts to slam Democrats and elevate the idiots in the White House, he’s only proven that he knows less about comedy than he does about how the government should work.

But perhaps it’s not Huckabee’s fault. Maybe it’s his delivery? Or the social media platform he’s using? Jimmy Kimmel wondered the same thing and tested this theory last night by bringing Patton Oswalt onto his show to recite Huckabee’s quips. Surely, if anyone could make the politician’s wisecracks really pop it would be a veteran comedian. Wrong.

As you’ll see in the video up above, Huckabee’s jokes are so criminally bad that no one, not even the gods of comedy, could save them. SAD! Get a new job, Mike.


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