Rent Boy comes home in new T2: Trainspotting trailer — watch

The sequel 20 years in the making hits US theaters later this month

Fans all over the world have already had 20 years of anticipation quenched by the release of T2: Trainspotting earlier this year, but us stateside viewers are still holding our breath. Thankfully, we’ll finally be able to exhale when Danny Boyle’s long-awaited sequel hits US theaters on March 17th.

In anticipation, a new trailer for the film has been revealed, which you can watch above. The story finds Ewan McGregor’s Mark “Rent Boy” Renton returning home to Edinburgh after moving away to Amsterdam with his wife. As a synopsis describes it, “They are waiting for him: Spud, Sick Boy, and Begbie. Other old friends are waiting too: sorrow, loss, joy, vengeance, hatred, friendship, love, longing, fear, regret, diamorphine, self-destruction and mortal danger, they are all lined up to welcome him, ready to join the dance.”

Robert Carlyle, Jonny Lee MillerEwen Bremner, and Kelly Macdonald all return for the movie. Watch Gerber & Gerber review the first Trainspotting below.


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