Ridley Scott has six more Alien sequels in mind, and the next one is written

The director talked about his long-term designs for the series in a recent interview

We’re just over two months away from learning whether Alien: Covenant will be a triumphant return to form for the long-running space terror franchise, or another crowd-dividing puzzle in the vein of Prometheus. But though he’s only directed the first and most recent installments, Ridley Scott is the name that comes to mind when somebody thinks Alien (okay, maybe H.R. Giger as well). And if a recent interview is any indication, the 79-year-old filmmaker intends to keep his return to the world of Xenomorphs going for the foreseeable future.

In a new interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, the cast and director of Covenant touched on a wide range of topics about the film. Included were a number of interesting notes about Covenant and its place in what Scott envisions as a longer-running sagaThe article mentions that he “…sees it [Covenant] as one of three sequels to Prometheus that will take the saga to ‘the back entrance’ of the original Alien.”

That notion of multiple sequels comes up again later in the interview, when Scott offhandedly mentions that “If you really want a franchise, I can keep cranking it for another six … I’m not going to close it down again. No way.” Whether that’s a good or bad thing probably depends a lot on your opinions of Prometheus, but it’s clear that Scott has been reinvigorated by the chance to return to the Alien universe. Additionally, it’s said that “While working on Alien: Covenant, he had the next installment written so he is ready to keep advancing the saga,” and Scott himself insists that “I’ll be ready to go again next year.” Truly, the modern franchise’s gears never stop turning.

The next step in the ongoing story will arrive with Covenant on May 19th, and if Scott is to be believed, every two years thereafter until either the franchise or filmmaker loses momentum. Here’s hoping that the version of Scott the series gets from here is a lot more The Martian and a lot less Exodus: Gods and Kings.

Revisit the latest trailer for Alien: Covenant below.


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