Ryan Gosling impersonator manages to con his way on stage at German awards show

The elaborate prank occurred at the Goldene Kamera Awards

There’s something about La La Land that triggers onstage snafus at awards show — and not just at the Oscars. As Variety reports, a Ryan Gosling impersonator successfully managed to take the stage at last night’s Goldene Kamera Awards in Germany.

Apparently, the elaborate prank was conceived by German comedians Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf. They were able to convince event organizers that Gosling would appear at the event, but only if they agreed to certain conditions (such as not requiring him to walk the red carpet or meet with the show’s host beforehand). This allowed the impersonator — a chef named Ludwig Lehner — to gain access to the stage to accept the award for Best International Film. It wasn’t until he took the mic and thanked the pranksters before his true identity was exposed.

Several of the real-life celebrities in attendance — including Colin Farrell and Jane Fonda — were clearly unamused by the stunt and the show’s host apologized for the error.

Watch the video below.


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