Sad Brad Pitt is spending 15 hours a day sculpting, vaping, and listening to Bon Iver

To which Vernon responded on Twitter, "We Should Talk"

Brad Pitt’s not doing too great, guys. There’s the divorce, the allegations of child abuse, and the relative underperformance of last year’s Allied (which we actually really dug). It’s not much of a surprise, then, that he might need a minute to gather his wits and soothe his battered soul, which, according to The Daily Mail, has resulted in him spending “up to 15 hours a day” sculpting, vaping, and moping in a Los Angeles studio owned by British artist Thomas Houseago. The best detail, however, is the “playlists of sad songs” he’s been playing on a loop, which apparently feature a boatload of Bon Iver tracks.

It makes sense. Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago was famously written in a small Eau Claire cabin across four snowy months, resulting in a stark, confessional album of open wounds and raw emotions. Frontman Justin Vernon has since mended his broken heart, and is certainly no stranger to celebrity adulation. His response to Pitt’s fandom?

About what, pray tell? Beards? Flannel? UFOs?

Who else loves the image of a clay-splattered Pitt shouting along to the chorus of “Skinny Love”?



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