Season two of Aziz Ansari’s Master of None coming in May, watch a teaser trailer

In which Aziz and co-star Eric Wareheim scooter their way through Italy

If you’ve already binged through season two of Love and are now onto replays of the Great British Baking Show as you wait for something else to pop up in your Netflix queue, there’s good news. Aziz Ansari will soon return with the second season of his award-winning series, Master of None.

A premiere date is set for May 12th and Ansari has shared a new teaser trailer in anticipation. Several of next season’s episodes are set in Italy, and in the teaser clip we get a glimpse of Ansari and co-star Eric Wareheim scootering their way through the countryside. Watch below.

On the show, Azari plays an aspiring actor named Dev Shah. Spoiler alert: At the end of season one, he breaks up with his girlfriend, Rachel (Noël Wells), and decides to move to Italy and study pasta-making at culinary school.


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