S U R V I V E will return to score Stranger Things season two, promise “darker and weirder” direction

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein will again provide the eerier soundtrack for the Upside Down

Thanks to the success of Stranger Things, S U R V I V E experienced a major positive swing in their career. The once obscure electronic band are now booking festival gigs from Coachella to Pitchfork to Panorama. That doesn’t mean they’ve grown too big for the Netflix series that made them household names, however. In fact, band members Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon have confirmed that they will be back to score Stranger Things season two.

In an interview with The Vinyl FactoryDixon said they haven’t started working on the score yet, but anticipate that they’ll “probably stick with a pretty similar thing” musically. “Hopefully, it’s a bit weirder this time,” he added. “I’m sure it will be weirder, because I think they are going to spend a little more time in the Upside Down this season.”

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For his part, Stein revealed he’d gathered a few new tools that will likely impact the score’s direction. “I picked up some new equipment, and that stuff always inspires some new sounds and textures to fit in there.”

You can read more about how S U R V I V E’s different approach to writing music for TV and records, plus get a peek into their awesome studio setup, at The Vinyl Factory. Also check out the band’s guide to creating synth music.

Stranger Things season two is fittingly set to debut on October 31st, aka Halloween. Watch the teaser trailer for the new season:


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