SXSW Music Festival 2017 Gallery: Spoon, Solange, At the Drive-In, The Pretenders, Grandaddy, Weezer

Plus, Lil Yachty, Real Estate, Rae Sremmurd, A Giant Dog, and many, many more!

South by Southwest never sleeps. Instead, the festival seemingly keeps inviting more and more people to the party, which is why the streets of Austin, Texas are bustling with all walks of life from dawn to dusk. This year, the music portion of the festival admittedly scaled back some, focusing less on corporate sponsors and more on scorching hot talent looking for a stage to play their equally scorching hot new material. Given that there are over thousands of acts that play at every corner of the Lone Star capitol each year, it’s impossible to see them all — hell, it’s downright incomprehensible. Instead, we tried to capture the more lively moments of the week, or more specifically, our photographers did. Below, you’ll see where the eyes and ears of Heather Kaplan and Tim Mosenfelder went as they braved and coursed through the murky waters of SXSW.


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