The Flaming Lips perform “There Should Be Unicorns” with an actual glowing unicorn on Colbert — watch

And no, you're not still tripping from last night

During an appearance on the Late Show last April, Wayne Coyne paid tribute to David Bowie by covering “Space Oddity” from high atop the shoulders of Chewbacca (yes, really!). He and the rest of The Flaming Lips returned to the Colbert stage on Thursday to roll out yet another wacky performance that’ll have you wondering whether you’re still tripping from last night.

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In support of their latest stellar album, 2016’s Oczy Mlodythe psych rockers played “There Should Be More Unicorns” while accompanied by one of the mythical creatures. Coyne straddled the devil horned-prop, which was laced in glowing lights, singing from it mightily as though it were some kind of a pulpit. If the frontman’s taught us one thing, it’s that you can will just about anything into existence with the power of imagination (some drugs would’t hurt either).

Replay the whole affair up above. Tonight, The Lips kick off their highly anticipated US tour at the House of Blues in Boston.

Update: The Flaming Lips have unveiled a new video for “There Should Be More Unicorns”.


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