The Mountain Goats contribute spare, acoustic track “Etruscans” to Our First 100 Days project — listen

The hushed, mournful track evokes John Darnielle's earliest self-recorded albums

The anti-Trump Our First 100 Days project has been a godsend, not just for its charitable contributions to endangered causes such as climate change and reproductive rights but also for the breadth of original music it’s helped to create. So far, we’ve heard contributions from Julien Baker, Jens Lekman, Marissa Nadler, and Mas Ysa, among others, and now we’ve got a brand new song from The Mountain Goats.

Called “Etruscans”, the song evokes bygone Mountain Goats as it’s simply frontman John Darnielle and his acoustic guitar. Spare, lo-fi, and propelled by Darnielle’s mournful vocals, it could easily be a Full Force Galesburg b-side. You can even hear what sounds like children playing in the background. Listen to it below.

“Etruscans” is a standalone track, meaning it won’t be on the band’s forthcoming Goth, which is due on May 19th. The album marks a turning point of sorts for the band, as it won’t include a single guitar on the album.

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