Thor & Friends’ “Triangles” is the doom and gloom soundtrack for Trump’s administration — listen

It's the 50th day of 45's presidency, and things aren't looking any brighter

We’ve reached the halfway point for Our First 100 Days’ single series, which means we’ve had to say “President Trump” for 50 days. Things aren’t looking any brighter than they were before we had a Cheeto of a POTUS. Sure, those jobs numbers are up, but that’s a continuation of a trend started under the former administration; what we really have is a new travel ban and a healthcare bill that potentially harms those most in need.

All that makes Thor & Friends’ contribution to Our First 100 Days a sadly fitting soundtrack. Coming from former Swans member Thor Harris’ latest project, “Triangles” is a stark slice of ambient music. There are some peppy little xylophone notes, but it’s all played out over eerie strings and creepy synths, giving the impression of a scared child lost in the woods. Take a listen below.


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