Tim Heidecker shares ode to Summer White House, “Mar A Lago” — listen

Like "Margaritaville", but for President Trump instead of Parrot Heads

Tim Heidecker has been a frequent voice of comedic relief in these trying political times. He contributed “Trump’s Pilot” to 30 Days, 30 Songs and more recently shared “Trump Talkin’ Nukes” for the Our First 100 Days campaign. He even wrote a ballad for punching alt-right neo-Nazis in the face. Now he’s back with another timely ode, this time singing the praises of the Winter White House on “Mar A Lago”.

Think of the song as Trump’s version of “Margaritaville”, but instead of longing for his “lost shaker of salt,” 45’s aching to escape his duties by crawling “into that beautiful king sized bed/ And I snuggle between my true loves, Ivanka and Jared.” Sung from the President’s perspective, the lyrics find him requesting to “have the tax payers fuel up my Air Force One” so he can escape the Senators and cable news hosts who are all correcting him. Most importantly, however, he hopes “the ocean don’t swallow” the frequently visited Floridian estate because “it makes me feel like I got a real big penis/ playing golf with retired baseball stars.”

Proceeds for sales of “Mar A Lago” through Bandcamp will go to the Everglades Foundation, an organization “dedicated to protecting and restoring America’s Everglades.” Take a listen below.



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