Welles look back on a “Life Like Mine” on new single — listen

From the Tennessee-by-way-of-Arkansas band's forthcoming debut EP, Codeine

When you finally make the decision to make a drastic change in your life’s direction, it’s a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you’re finally starting down the sort of path you’ve long dreamed of taking. On the other, you’re leaving behind the world as you’ve always known it, and that’s a scary concept. With their new single “Life Like Mine”, Welles try to hold onto those memories of the past as they move towards their hopefully bright future.

Frontman Jehsea Wells wrote “Life Like Mine” soon after he moved to Nashville, Tennessee from his hometown of Ozark, Arkansas in hopes of kickstarting his music career. “I wrote this when I first got to Tennessee and felt all the little memories from home slipping,” the 22-year-old songwriter tells Consequence of Sound. “I felt I needed to chronicle them in some way. It was the first thing I recorded in my new room. I had been listening to a lot of Magical Mystery Tour and Revolver.”

The song moseys along on warped, psychedelic guitars that twang like sitars. Wells’ vocals echo against themselves above the hum, threading through energetic percussion as if he’s trying to tie his memories down to the rhythm. “I made clay with sacred art students/ Played cards with drunk old bitches,” he recalls. “I woke up dead couldn’t feel my legs/ Am I in trousers jeans or britches?”

Take a listen:

“Life Like Mine” comes from Welles’ upcoming debut EP, Codeine. It’s out April 28th via C3 Records.

“Life Like Mine” Single Art:

Codeine EP Tracklist:
01. Life Like Mine
02. Codeine
03. Hold Me Like I’m Leaving
04. Into Ashes
05. Are You Feeling Like Me


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