Bruce Springsteen unveils anti-Trump anthem “That’s What Makes Us Great” — listen

A gritty duet with Iron City Houserockers frontman Joe Grushecky

Photo by Joshua Mellin

Bruce Springsteen has made no secret of his disdain for the Trump regime. The recent Medal of Freedom recipient blasted the 45th “President” in January, calling him “anti-Democratic and fundamentally un-American,” then later trolled him all the way from Australia with one precisely chosen cover song. He’s also continued to be an ally (and yachting buddy) to Barack Obama.

Today, the Boss has offered up another anti-Trump gesture, this time in the form of a protest anthem called “That’s What Makes Us Great”. A gritty duet with past collaborator and former Iron City Houserockers leader Joe Grushecky, it critiques the White House’s stance on immigration and so-called “alternative facts.”

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“I had this song, and Bruce and I had been talking,” Grushecky told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I sent it to him and he liked it. I said, ‘What do you think about singing on it?’ He gave it the Bruce treatment.”

According to Grushecky, he was moved to pen “That’s What Makes Us Great” after witnessing the way Trump treated special needs people. “How could a person like that be president of the United States?” he said. “Regardless of all the other [stuff], that to me is appalling. I have special needs people in my family and in my neighborhood. I worked with special needs people my whole life and I was really offended by it.”

The track is available for purchase on Grushecky’s website.


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