Camp Howard announce the Juice EP, share the title track — listen

Richmond four-piece indie outfit lay back into an indie pop groove

Photo by​ ​Farrah Fox

Creativity is a funny little thing. Sometimes you can set out intending to do one thing, but find your work take on a life of its own to end up somewhere else entirely. Such is the case with “Juice”, the title track off Camp Howard’s forthcoming EP.

In fact, the song’s writer, bassist Wes Parker, goes so far as to say the track “feels like an accident.” As Parker explains to Consequence of Sound, “My boo (Farrah Fox) and I decided we were gonna make a short film or something. We were walking the dog and I started coming up with what I said was gonna be the soundtrack. Got home, laid in bed, and made this 30-second, electronic, Grimes rip-off tune. We never ended up making the film so I just posted some mashed-up iPhone footage with the song in the background on Instagram.”

“The rest of the guys in Camp Howard heard it and someone suggested half-jokingly we work it out as a band,” Parker continues. “So I went up in my room and got on my computer and figured out how to play everything on guitar. That’s the sound: electronic music played on real instruments… ‘Juice’ end up as an ode to the house I grew up in with my dad, and the times spent there.”

The track is an effortlessly chilled out groove of indie pop, built firmly on top of Parker’s bassline. It serves as the introduction to Camp Howard’s latest effort, the Juice EP. Set for a May 12th release from EggHunt Records, you can preview the EP by checking out the title track below.

Pre-orders for the Juice EP are going on now. Find Camp Howard’s forthcoming tour itinerary below.

Camp Howard 2017 Tour Dates:
04/20 – Richmond, VA @ The Broadberry
04/21 – Blacksburg, VA @ Progress Fest
05/13 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
05/16 – Charlotte , NC @ Snug Harbor
05/17 – Atlanta, GA @ The Casa Nova
05/18 – Charleston, SC @ Makeout Reef
05/19 – Raleigh, NC @ TBD
05/20 – Richmond, VA @ RiverRock
05/25 – Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong
05/26 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Glove
05/27 – Boston, MA @ TBD
05/28 – Portland, ME @ TBD
05/30 – Burlington, VT @ TBD
05/31 – Montreal, QC @ TBD
06/01 – Ottawa, ON @ TBD
06/02 – Toronto, ON @ TBD
06/03 – Syracuse, NY @ TBD
06/04 – Pittsburgh, PA @ TBD


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