Do Make Say Think share “Her Eyes On the Horizon” from upcoming album Stubborn Persistant Illusions — listen

The new LP, their first in eight years, arrives on May 19th

Canadian post-rock outfit Do Make Say Think announced a new album last month, Stubborn Persistent Illusions, and shared with it the first single, “Bound and Boundless”. A second teaser, “Her Eyes On the Horizon”, has now surfaced, and it falls right in line with the Buddhist themes with which the band described the album.

“[W]hen your mental chatter carries you away you don’t necessarily need to tie it down or shut it up; you can instead recognize thoughts as thoughts and let them play out,” the band said in a statement. “Her Eyes On the Horizon” is, as is often the case with the band’s work, a sprawling piece, but this one feels perhaps even more peripatetic. Across eight minutes, the song evolves from a placid, piano-driven prologue to a strain of droning, untethered horns to a fury of guitar and drums and back into a moment of blissful ambiance. It’s powerful stuff. Listen to it below.

Stubborn Persistent Illusions is the band’s first LP since 2009’s Other Truths. It arrives May 19th through Constellation Records.


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