Father John Misty joins Tim Heidecker for a performance of “I Am a Cuck” — watch

Josh Tillman was the Garfunkel to Heidecker's Simon during the parody performance

Both Father John Misty and Tim Heidecker have made their political leanings abundantly clear. Neither has shied away from calling out our President’s shortcomings or society’s pettiness. Their like-minded thinking was only further demonstrated when FJM covered Heidecker’s “Trump’s Pilot” mere hours after it was first released. It all goes towards making them perfect concert companions, which they were last night at San Diego’s Humphrey’s.

The first stop on FJM’s tour behind Pure Comedy saw Heidecker serve as the supporting act. Further solidifying their connection, Misty appeared during Heidecker’s opening set to join him on a duet of “I Am a Cuck”. The song is Heidecker’s parody of the Simon and Garfunkel classic “I Am a Rock”, which he released last summer. With Josh Tillman serving as the Garfunkel to Heidecker’s Simon, the pair harmonized on transcendent lines like, “I am gay/ And I voted for Obama/ I am a shill for the Clinton campaign/ And the left-wing mainstream press/ I am a pussy who gets fucked right up the ass/ I am a cuck/ I am a libtard.” Lord, do I know how these guys feel.

Check out video of the collaborative performance above, and listen to Heidecker’s original below.


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