Father John Misty performs “Total Entertainment Forever” and “Pure Comedy” for German TV show — watch

His staging of the Pure Comedy title track was especially awesomely cheesy

Father John Misty performed on Saturday Night Live in early March, where he debuted “Total Entertainment Forever” and fantasized about VR sex with Taylor Swift. Just a few weeks later, the singer-songwriter took those same bedroom musings across the pond to Germany’s late-night TV program Neo Magazin Royale.

Video of that appearance has surfaced recently and sees Misty backed by a string section and an upright piano. He also rattled off “Pure Comedy” as an “exclusive online clip” — though I don’t see why it didn’t air considering it’s clearly the most interesting of the two performances. Whereas the first featured Misty in serious form, the second was filled with dramatic neon lighting and visual effects. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought he was trying to make one of those cheesy commercials wherein a hungry guy serenades a Taco Bell chalupa or bag of Doritos — aka perfect fodder for the TV crowd.

Watch “Total Entertainment Forever” up above and “Pure Comedy” down below. Both tracks are taken from Misty’s upcoming album, Pure Comedy, due out April 7th.


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