Fox News slams Bruce Springsteen for anti-Trump song: “He’s the Dr. Seuss for liberals!”

"Donald Trump may connect more with the average American than Bruce"

On Thursday, Bruce Springsteen released an anti-Trump anthem called “That’s What Makes Us Great”. A duet with past collaborator Joe Grushecky, the track saw The Boss take down the administration, critiquing its twisted stances on immigration and so-called “alternative facts.”

Just 24 hours later, the folks over at Fox News program The Five aired a segment slamming Springsteen over the track, but what it really sounded like was a bunch of salty kids throwing a tantrum over something they didn’t like. But I guess now that Kendrick Lamar’s had the last laugh with regards to Fox and Geraldo Rivera, the network’s got to find a new thing to hate.

The Five’s Greg Gutfeld mocked Springsteen’s “predictable and repetitive” lyrics, which is wild considering the only two words our “President” knows are “good” and “tremendous.” Gutfeld also goes on call him “Dr. Seuss for liberals” who “risks nothing,” and “only echoes the assumptions of everything in entertainment” — again, another rich piece of criticism given that Trump’s entire presidential campaign entailed him merely saying whatever dissatisfied Americans wanted to hear.

Later, the Fox pundit reprimands Springsteen and Grushecky for “characterizing the other side as hateful.” Is “characterizing” the right word if the other side is actually demonstratively hateful? Hmm, perhaps the New Jersey rocker is simply calling it how he sees it. Gutfeld also had the audacity to claim that “Donald Trump may connect more with the average American than Bruce.” SURE, OKAY.

Watch it below (the salty segment begins around the 29:00 mark).


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