Glen Hansard takes on Trump with “Vigilante Man” — listen

The latest installment of Our First 100 Days criticizes Mexican border wall

Ever since Trump entered office, the protest compilation Our First 100 Days has provided a welcome distraction with a new track released every day. Contributions have varied from Mitski’s surprising cover of the One Direction’s “Fireproof” to Tim Heidecker’s all-too prescient “Trump Talkin’ Nukes”. Today’s entry from Glen Hansard doesn’t shy away from calling out our president by name.

Entitled “Vigilante Man”, the acoustic guitar and harmonica-driven song features pointed lyrics about Trump’s foolish plan to build a wall on the border of the United States and Mexico. “Oh, Trump/ He wants to build a wall/ eight thousand miles wide and a hundred miles tall/ And he’ll pay those who build it nothing at all.”

Stream the track below.


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