HAIM tease new music with billboards, trailer — watch

April 27th should bring something exciting for fans

Photo by Amy Price

If it feels like we’ve been waiting for HAIM’s new album for a while now, that’s because we have. After teasing recording sessions in March 2016, the trio debuted their first new music since Days Are Gone during concerts last summer. Then came the canceled European tour so they could focus on their sophomore album. Now, here we are in 2017, and the pot’s being stirred again — though this time it looks like the soup is almost on.

Last week, billboards began popping up in Los Angeles, London, Berlin, and Sydney featuring the Haim sisters and little else. A fan asked what the signage could mean, and HAIM responded with a sly “????.”

Now, the band has shared a teaser trailer that includes an actual date fans can mark on their calendars. Released earlier today, the clip sees Danielle Haim laying down a drum beat as the camera slowly pulls closer to her. As she pounds out the final note, the screen displays “HAIM April 27th.” Take a look:

Update – April 24th: HAIM have shared another teaser trailer. This one offers teases a time — 9:00 a.m. ET — in addition to the date of April 27th.

Whether this means we’ll be getting a new single, an official album announcement, or something else is anybody’s guess. All we know is in one week’s time, we’ll finally have something new from HAIM.

Below, revisit the band’s performance of new track “Nothing’s Wrong” from 2016’s Corona Capital Festival.


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