High Sunn comfort your “Tears” on new song — listen

17-year-old San Franciscan Justin Cheromiah brings his bedroom pop band into the studio for their first EP

Nothing brings heartbreak like being a teenager. It’s not just getting rejected by the pretty girl who sits next to you in social studies, either; it’s coming to terms with the tragic truths of life as your innocence slowly gets a reality check. This is the daily reality of Justin Cheromiah, a 17-year-old high school junior from San Francisco. Instead of succumbing to the growing pains of impending adulthood, however, Cheromiah channels his emotions into his bedroom pop project, High Sunn.

After over 30 home recordings, Cheromiah will bring High Sunn out of the bedroom on May 19th with his first studio EP, Hopless Romantic. Coming from PNKSLM Recordings, the effort was produced by Dylan Wall (Naomi Punk, Craft Spells) and is Cheromiah’s first recording with his full live band. The EP is a fully realized collection of dream pop songs that deal with “love, rejection, and yearning, and having a heart and mind full of dreams and desires.”

With its comforting warmth dotted with plucky notes like trailing clouds in a bright blue sky, new single “Tears” is wonderfully indicative of the sort of music for which High Sunn will soon be known. There’s a youthfulness in those ringing guitars, aware that the carefree nature of childhood is fleeting yet unwilling to let the weight of the world crush its spirit completely. The song “reflects on people growing and straying from innocence as they explore the great, but small world,” Cheromiah explains to Consequence of Sound.
“It’s a little love song too. Simply, I just wanted to make a song that would make listeners swoon with joy.”

Take a listen and swoon below.


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