Into It. Over It. shares stirring new song “Bergen​-​Belsen, Nov 8th 2016” — listen

Inspired by an Election Day visit to the infamous Nazi concentration camp

Last year, Into It. Over It.’s Evan Weiss released his third full-length, Standards, which ended up being one of our favorite albums of 2016. Now, he’s back with a fitting contribution to the anti-Trump series, Our First 100 Days.

Named “Bergen-Belsen, Nov 8th 2016”, the stirring new track was inspired by an Election Day visit to an infamous Nazi concentration camp, Bergen-Belsen, known for imprisoning Margot and Anne Frank until their deaths. Juxtaposing the timing of the visit against the election of a man with ties to white nationalists provided plenty of writing material, as you can hear down below.

“[The] song is about visiting the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp on election day with [Jess Abbott of Tancred], Weiss shared on Twitter. “[It was] a surreal day into a more surreal night.”


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