Jay Z removes his catalog from Spotify

A number of the rapper's albums are also missing from Apple Music

Jay Z Tidal

Jay Z is the owner of hi-fidelity streaming music service TIDAL, but as of yesterday, his back catalog remained available on rival platforms. Today, however, a majority of the rapper’s music was taken down from Spotify. As Billboard points out, only tracks in which he collaborates with other artists (“Niggas in Paris”, “Clique) can still be streamed.

A tweet from Spotify confirms Jay Z’s music “has been removed at the request of the artist.”

A few of Jay Z’s albums can still be found on Apple Music, but many others, including all three Blueprint LPs, are missing. Billboard notes that this has actually been the case for a while, and all the albums missing are ones for which he owns the masters.

Jay Z purchased TIDAL in March 2015, but the company has struggled to gain a foothold in the competitive market of streaming music. The company posted a $28 million loss in 2015 and, as of June 2016, had just four million paid subscribers. Earlier this year, Sprint agreed to purchase a 33% stake in the company.


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