Jean-Michel Jarre will perform anti-Trump concert at the Dead Sea

French electronic pioneer hopes to "make people aware of the urgency of dealing with the Earth"

Jean-Michel Jarre is literally going to the ends of the Earth to protest President Donald Trump and his blatant disregard for the environment. This Thursday, April 6th, the French electronic pioneer will perform a very special concert at the Dead Sea. The lowest elevation on the planet and the saltiest lake, the historic site has long been a concern for scientists, who believe it’s been receding about three feet each year and will be completely dried up by 2050.

“For me, the whole point of this project is to make people aware of the urgency of dealing with the Earth as a whole,” said Jarre in a press statement (via The Guardian). “The concert will contribute to, I hope, organising the resistance against all the Trumps of the world.” Jarre, who’s famous for his large-scale, record-breaking concerts, will specifically play in front of the ancient Masada fortress in Israel, which overlooks the Dead Sea.

“I want the Dead Sea, like Masada, to be part of UNESCO’s world heritage,” continued the musician, whose latest album, 2016’s Oxygene 3, earned a Grammy nomination. “This region belongs to humanity. It involves all of us from a human point of view. We must do our utmost to preserve this place.”

Only 10,000 tickets will be available for purchase, with a price range of $128 to $767. The event will be recorded for a concert film that’s expected to be released online later this year.

Jarre has been steadily preparing for the big show, as you can see in the Instagram videos and pics below.


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