Jet Trash announce new Shake EP, share rattling title track — listen

Cali outfit does no-frills rock 'n' roll at loud, sweaty decibels

With their 2015 self-titled debut EP, garage rockers Jet Trash drew comparisons to the likes of Ty Segall and FIDLAR. For their follow-up, dubbed Shake, the Los Angeles-based outfit will continue to be guided body and mind by the same raw rock ‘n’ roll spirit — except they’re taking it to the next level. Think the Ramones’ iconic first album.

“We want to make people feel something direct, tapping into their more base emotions,” singer/bassist Marshall Fassino tells Consequence of Sound. “We’re big proponents of the idea that simple, passionately played music can be just as powerful as something intricate and carefully arranged. We tend toward the more immediate and accessible. Something with no frills — just a good chord progression, a good melody and a strong backbeat.”

Much of the unfiltered intensity found on Shake is meant to mirror Jet Trash’s often intense concerts. “There are no synths, no drum machines, no slick production and no bullshit,” singer/guitarist Paul Kemp adds. “We set out to make a record that captures the raw feel of our live show, and I think we accomplished that.”

Ahead of the EP’s May 12th release via Position Music, the band has unleashed the title track. A rambunctious and wired rocker, it sees Jet Trash challenging their listeners to “Shake me up! Wear me out boy.” Hint: Only 30 seconds in and you’ll be doing a whole lot more than rattling those hips.

Stream it down below.

Shake the EP was recorded at LA’s New Monkey, a space that once belonged to Elliott Smith, with the help of Grammy-nominated producer Alex Newport (At the Drive In, Bleached). Pre-orders have already begun.

Shake EP Artwork:


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