Jonny Greenwood turned Thom Yorke’s “Oh shit” technical difficulty moment into a brilliant loop — watch

The cussing and subsequent clever looping went down during Radiohead's Berkeley show on Tuesday

Last Friday, Radiohead triumphed over audio problems to give fans a memorable Coachella set, complete with a performance of “Creep”. The UK alt-rockers faced even more technical difficulties during their show last night at Berkeley’s Greek Theatre, but again handled it like pros, and even had quite a bit of fun with the onstage snafu.

While playing The King of Limbs track “Give Up the Ghost”, Thom Yorke noticed something off about his stage setup and uttered a surprised “Oh sheeeit” into the mic. Yorke proceeded to take things in stride, but little did he know that Jonny Greenwood had recorded the whole blunder (cuss and all) and used the sample to make a brilliant “Oh sheeeit” loop. Greenwood also managed to incorporate some cheering noise from the crowd, making the loop 10x better. Yorke would most definitely agree — as you’ll see in the fan-caught footage, the frontman absolutely cracks up when Greenwood later slips in the loop unexpectedly.

There you have it, musicians. When all else fails onstage, make a damn good loop out of it.

Watch it up above. Below, find a short summary of what went down from a redditor who was in attendance:

“Not sure what exactly happened. Thom was trying to signal Jonny about something being messed up and it wasn’t getting fixed. Thom said the oh sheeet. They stopped and jonny came over and mentioned something. They started up again and then during the (don’t haunt/hurt me) jonny pranked thom with the oh sheet sample and thom lost it. they started up again and then jonny urged a little noise from the crowd. he got the sample in and looped the cheering in with the (haunt/hurt me)”


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