Julian Casablancas joins Exhibition on new track “No One There” — listen

The Strokes frontman helps "a guy from a tiny corner of India's rock & roll dreams come true"

Photos by​ Ruvan Wijesooriya and Philip Cosores

Indian musician Hammarsing Kharhmar has already worked with one member of The Strokes, and now he’s found himself teamed up with another. After launching his Boston-based New Wave outfit Mon Khmer, Kharhmar attracted the attention of Albert Hammond Jr. He joined Hammond’s solo band in 2008, contributing to 2015’s Momentary Masters and a forthcoming full-length, expected this fall. Julian Casablancas must have taken noticed, because he’s signed Kharhmar to his Cult Records label for his debut EP as Exhibition.

Entitled Last Dance, the EP is due out April 14th. Casablancas told Rolling Stone he’s releasing the effort to help “a guy from a tiny corner of India’s rock & roll dreams come true,” but that’s not the only support he’s offering. The Strokes frontman made a rare guest appearance on the latest single from the EP, “No One There”. The track showcases Exhibition’s subtly funky psychedelia, giving Casablancas’ distinctive croon a smooth frequency off of which to bounce. Check it out below.


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